The beautiful, protected landscape of Costa de Acentejo in Tenerife is an ideal destination to enjoy a host of fun activities. And with good reason—there are plenty of things to do and experience, like soaking up the natural landscapes and local culture, for example. Need a little inspiration for your next trip? Keep reading! You’ll discover six fantastic ways to transform your holiday into an unforgettable experience.

What to do in Costa de Acentejo in Tenerife?

The Costa de Acentejo, located in the north of Tenerife, is a fascinating destination that promises unforgettable experiences to all its visitors. With its unique blend of nature, culture and gastronomy, this area offers a wide range of activities to enjoy.

Here are some recommendations to help you make the most of your visit to this beautiful corner of the Canary Islands.

1. Enjoy the sun and the beach

Tenerife is synonymous with sun and beach and, logically, so too is the Costa de Acentejo. In this part of the island, you’ll find wild landscapes and beauty in abundance, as well as natural pools, black-sand beaches, cliffs and much more. Unlike more popular sites, this paradise offers intimacy and tranquility, something new and different.

Across the six municipalities of this area, you’ll have the opportunity to explore several volcanic-sand beaches, like El Bollullo or Santa Ana, for example, both located in La Orotava. However, access to these beaches is marked by zig-zagging, narrow and steep roads due to the mountainous terrain. It’s well worth the effort though—we promise!

Deportes en la costa de acentejo en tenerife

2. Practise water sports

Perhaps swimming and sunbathing is a little too relaxed for you. If you’re looking for an extra dose of adrenaline in the sea, we have great news for you: Costa de Acentejo offers the opportunity to practise plenty of activities in the water, like surfing or windsurfing, for example. Don’t miss out on the chance to go scuba diving in Santa Úrsula either. Under the waters along the coast of this municipality, you’ll discover an impressive submarine landscape known as La Rapadura.

3. Go hiking and explore nature

If you love nature, spending time outdoors and being active, the Costa de Acentejo offers the best possible setting for it. Dare to set off on a route through this enviable landscape and be amazed by its exuberant nature. What’s more, one of the reasons why this area has been classified as a protected site comes down to its high value in terms of flora and fauna.

The vegetation of this area is mainly made up of balsam spurge (Euphorbia balsamifera), houseleeks (Sempervivum), St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) and rock plants. When it comes to animals, seabirds such as the lesser shearwater and the Bulwer’s petrel take centre stage. You’ll also see swifts, doves, owls and a vast variety of invertebrates.

4. Discover the town of La Orotava

La Orotava is a charming and unique town where time seems to stand still. Past and present come together to offer a truly special experience. If you’re a fan of history and culture, you’ll find plenty to see and learn here. After all, it is recognised as an Artistic Historic Complex since 1976.

Don’t miss the Municipal Palace, the La Concepción Church, home of the Museum of Sacred Art, or the buildings of San Francisco Street. If you prefer, we recommend taking a walk to discover the old watermills in the area.

Valle de la orotava en la costa de acentejo Tenerife

5. Visit the Las Breñas lookout point

Without a doubt, each municipality in the Costa de Acentejo hides its own gems and treasures. To enjoy some spectacular views of the sea and the entire coastline, all you need to do is head to El Sauzal. There, you’ll find the Las Breñas lookout point, located next to a monument from 1966 honouring the rescue of a few local fishermen.

Comida tipica de la costa de acentejo en tenerife

6. Savour some typical dishes from the area

Travelling is a great way to discover new dishes and flavours. In fact, experiencing a destination’s cuisine allows you to uncover a very relevant aspect of its culture, while your senses enjoy unique dishes. Tenerife, in general, and the Costa de Acentejo, in particular, offer up a variety of unique and exquisite flavours.

Papas arrugadas (baked potato), mojo picón (garlic and pepper sauce), gofio (toasted grain powder), almogrote (cheese and pepper spread), sancocho (fish and potato dish) or ropa vieja (meat and chickpea stew) are just a few of the most traditional dishes you’ll find on offer. Seafood and other sea products also play a very important role, thanks to the area’s surroundings. As such, your visit to the municipalities that make up the Costa de Acentejo (La Orotava, Santa Úrsula, La Matanza de Acentejo, La Victoria de Acentejo, El Sauzal and Tacoronte) might just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to discover everything Tenerife’s cuisine has to offer.

Visit La Matanza de Acentejo in the heart of the Acentejo Coast.

La Matanza de Acentejo, a charming municipality located in the heart of Costa de Acentejo in Tenerife, is a destination that captivates its visitors with a perfect harmony between the sea and the mountains. This place will not only surprise you with its breathtaking panoramic views, but also with its deep connection with the traditions and history of the island.

Stay in La Matanza de Acentejo: discover a place where natural beauty meets a rich cultural history. Nestled between the sea and the mountains, La Matanza de Acentejo offers visitors a unique experience. From here, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Teide, Spain’s highest peak, creating the perfect setting for a memorable holiday.

What’s for sure is that, after reading all our recommendations, you’ll be itching to set foot on the Costa de Acentejo in Tenerife. Sounds like a great idea to us! Remember that with Sansofé you’ll have absolutely everything you need to ensure that your stay is perfect in every way. What are you waiting for?! Book now and enjoy your best holiday ever!