Sitting on the rocks, you can still feel the force of the lava flowing into the sea. Columns of smoke and magma have created capricious rock formations. One of them, unknown to most of the tourists who flock to the Canary Islands, is Rojas beach in Tenerife. It has been hewn out of rugged rocks in whimsical formations. It’s a paradise where you can lay down your towel and enjoy the waves as they crash against the rocks.

El Sauzal, costa de Rojas, Tenerife
Costa de Rojas por José Yurda
Playa de Rojas, paraíso natural en Tenerife
Playa de Rojas, aguas cristalinas y charcos naturales

A natural spot on the wild coastline next to La Matanza at Rojas beach in Tenerife

Rojas beach is located on the El Sauzal coastline (the area is also known as Costa de Rojas). It’s very close to La Matanza de Acentejo, in the north of the island of Tenerife. The highlights of this beach, which is not sandy, are its crystal-clear water and natural pools. They are stunning and a wonderful place for a tranquil swim on the shores of the Atlantic. You should be aware that this beach is exposed to the open sea. In other words, if you want to swim in the ocean, you should be aware of the condition of the sea and the force of the waves.

It’s worth knowing that Rojas beach, and El Sauzal in general, used to be a popular summer destination for locals. Beach huts were built here for locals to spend the hottest months of the year and enjoy a well-deserved holiday. However, in order to preserve the area’s wild beauty, the government decided to demolish them under its Coastal Law. Now, you’ll find a spectacular walk of around 2 kilometres and an extremely clean bathing area. This area is a great example of environmental conservation.

A protected landscape for hiking and walking along Rojas beach

As we have mentioned, Rojas beach in the north of Tenerife is located in the centre of El Sauzal. This 2.5 kilometre municipality is divided into three districts; El Puertito, Cangrejillo and Rojas.

It is situated inside the Protected Environment of the Costa de Acentejo, which is characterised by the ruggedness of the landscape. It is also a point of interest for researchers, as it is home to protected species of flora and fauna.

More and more people are discovering this marvellous walkway, which is dotted with viewpoints where the different rock formations can be observed. These viewpoints also feature rest areas with information points. It really is a must to spend some time enjoying the different trails after a day on the beach. You’ll marvel at the gorgeous spots hidden along the coastline.

Atardecer en la playa de Rojas, en El Sauzal, Tenerife
Atardecer en la costa de Rojas, en El Sauzal, Tenerife
Ermita de Rojas
Ermita de Rojas

Visit the Chapel and the Wine and Honey museum during your walk

As well as being a chance to enjoy the natural landscape, the Rojas beach and El Sauzal walk will lead you to other gems. Don’t miss the Rojas Chapel on the same route. This chapel is the only building remaining from the settlement that used to be here. The views that it offers, both of the ocean and the landscape, are spectacular.

Another essential stopping point in the area is the Casa del Vino y la Miel, or the Wine and Honey Museum. It’s located in a farmhouse dating back over three centuries. If you’re interested in gastronomy, you’re in for a treat. You’ll learn about how these specialities of the island are made. And, you’ll also be able to sample them in their bar and restaurant.

The skeleton and sunken plane of Rojas beach in El Sauzal

Although it may seem like they are the remains of a local sailor, the famous skeleton of Rojas beach was the project of a hotel. It never saw the light of day and its creators abandoned it half-constructed. And this sight, ruined and deteriorated, makes for an attractive feature to visit.

Lastly, it’s well worth focussing on the sunken plane on the Costa de Rojas. It’s a twin-engine Spantax Douglas DC-3. It was used for carrying passengers between La Palma and Tenerife. However, in September 1966, the pilot was forced to demonstrate his skill with an emergency landing, saving the lives of almost all the passengers. Its remains are still sunken thirty metres under the sea.

Por último, merece la pena destacar el avión hundido en la costa de Rojas. Se trata de un avión Douglas DC-3 bimotor de Spantax. Su misión era el traslado de pasajeros entre La Palma y Tenerife. Sin embargo, en septiembre de 1966, el piloto, demostrando su pericia, tuvo que hacer un amerizaje de emergencia, salvando la vida de casi todo el pasaje. Los restos aún están hundidos a unos treinta metros.

Avión hundido en la costa de Rojas en Tenerife
Avión hundido en la playa de Rojas, El Sauzal
costa el sauzal tenerife
Un espectacular paseo por la costa de Rojas

Enjoy a stunning sunset at Rojas beach in Tenerife

You just can’t end a day in this area without watching the gorgeous sunset at Rojas beach. You’ll experience a unique moment at any of the viewpoints, with the sound of the waves in the background. Enjoy the sunset, then make the most of the last light to get safely back to the road. And, what better way of enjoying all this than by staying close by? San Diego Apartamentos offers 10 apartments in Matanza de Acentejo, a nearby municipality. It’s a great base for enjoying all that is on offer at Rojas beach in Tenerife, from daybreak to sunset. All our apartments have the best services and are perfect for relaxing. Check availability here for the dates you’re interested in.