The natural pools of Tenerife are characteristic of this island. Recently, on the island of Palma, we’ve been able to see how lava can transform an environment in a very short space of time. These volcanic islands have been shaped in this way for millennia, resulting in a multitude of natural pools.

The natural pools of northern Tenerife

The north of Tenerife is known for the ravines and cliffs that line the majority of its coastline with coarse black sand, gravel or pebble beaches. This, together with the rough sea, can make it difficult to enjoy yourself if you opt for water activities.

However, the same eruptions responsible for these formations have also created an abundance of natural pools of Tenerife. In these pools, the water is so calm it’s almost like stepping into a swimming pool. Let’s take a look at a few of the very best.

El Caletón natural pool, Costa de Acentejo

piscina natural el caletón

This natural pool in northern Tenerife is located in the coastal town of Garachico, 24 km from Puerto de la Cruz and just 39 from La Matanza de Acentejo. It can be found in the town’s historic centre itself, beside the port and San Miguel Castle.

It owes its formation to the eruption of the Arenas Negras or Trevejo volcano in 1706. This volcano’s activity lasted just nine days, but it devastated the town and its port. As lava rushed into the water and quickly cooled, it created a natural reef open along a narrow strip to the ocean.

Today, various paths and stairways offer convenient access to the bathing area from its various platforms that, like terraces, allow visitors to relax and soak up the sun.

Charco del Viento natural pool, Costa de Acentejo

Piscina Natural Charco del Viento

Also on the Costa de Acentejo, in the district of Santa Catalina in the town of La Guancha, you’ll find two beautiful natural pools located by the sea. Formed by lava flows, they have hardly been modified by mankind. Only a small, stepped path has been created to allow you to access its crystal-clear waters.

The largest pool is also the calmest. Almost entirely surrounded by walls of volcanic rock, it lets water flow out through a small recess at its furthest end. The smallest, on the other hand, is shaped like a chute and the sea enters more forcefully – though it’s not dangerous.

Without a doubt, these are two of the natural pools of northern Tenerife that have best retained their natural state. They’re also easy to reach, with a tarmac road leading to their parking area.

El Pris natural pool, Tacoronte

Piscina Natural El Pris, Tacoronte

En la bonita población de pescadores de El Pris, a 6 km de Tacoronte, vas a localizar otra de las piscinas naturales del norte de Tenerife más frecuentadas. Sin embargo, en este caso, su formación no se debe a los volcanes, sino a la mano del hombre.

Situada junto a la pequeña cala de la localidad, proporciona una tranquila zona de baño delimitada por un dique y un muro. Desde la amplia plataforma que forma este último, se puede acceder al agua por una rampa o mediante escaleras.

El dique se encarga de contener el mar, con la previsión suficiente de que con la marea alta las aguas lo rebasen. De esta forma, cuentas con una piscina de agua de mar natural renovada cada día.

Charco de la Laja natural pool, Los Realejos

Piscina Natural Charco de la Laja

Very close to Los Realejos, in the town of San Juan de la Rambla and just a few kilometres from Matanza de Acentejo, you’ll discover this incredible pool. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful natural pools in the north of Tenerife.

Even before you make your way down into the bathing area, the panorama from the upper viewpoint is sure to amaze. You’re sure to love admiring the seas and the whims of the volcanic rocks that line the coast.

The pool fills at high tide. Its almost circular rock walls serve to contain the sea which, when it’s rough, can even jump over them. As such, you should always take care in these situations, though there are lifeguards.

What to do in the natural pools of northern Tenerife

These pools are ideal for bathing. The majority are accompanied by areas in which to relax, lay out your towel and sunbathe while soaking up the natural environment. Likewise, almost all of these pools are manned by lifeguards – but be careful, jumping off the rocks is not recommended.

What’s more, as you can see, many of them are located close to stunning towns and surrounded by terraces and restaurants. Enjoying the local cuisine is an experience in itself, and we also recommend taking advantage of the day to snap some incredible photos.

Why visit these natural pools?

The experience of swimming in the calm waters of the natural pools of northern Tenerife is unique. You’ll feel as though you’ve been transported by nature, right back to the time of its creation. Don’t hesitate, book your stay in Matanza de Acentejo now.