The beaches in Tenerife North and Tenerife South offer something different. In any case, this island has average annual temperatures of 23 degrees so you can visit it at any time of year. If you’re a lover of the sea, the good life, water sports and amazing experiences, then Tenerife is the place for you.

Check out the beaches in Tenerife North

The beaches in Tenerife North are renowned for their more intimate, tropical and differential vibe. While the beaches in the south tend to go on forever and have a drier heat and are chock-a-block with sunbathers, the north couldn’t be more different.

The best beaches in Tenerife North offer greater tranquillity than elsewhere. In fact, they’re a stone’s throw from some of the island’s tourist spots. For example, La Laguna, the Anaga forest and the town of Santa Úrsula, where the most traditional Tenerifian cuisine awaits you: guachinches. These traditional restaurants are a must-visit!

There is a far wider variety in terms of landscape in the north: its beaches are stunning and unforgettable. They stand out for their black volcanic sand. Broadly speaking, these wild beaches are hard to get to. However, there are some urban beaches that are easy to get to. Most of them offer purity, the utmost solitude and seclusion.

Playa de Rojas en tenerife norte

Playa de Rojas - Rojas Beach

Located in the so-called Costa de Rojas, it has natural bathing areas with stunningly beautiful crystal-clear waters.

These beaches in Tenerife North are part of the Costa de Acentejo Protected Landscape and are the perfect place to recharge your batteries. Its intimate waters are a big hit with bathers.

Find out more about the Playa de Rojas.

playa del caleton en tenerife norte

Playa del Caletón - Caleton Beach

El Caletón is, without doubt, one of the must-visit beaches in Tenerife North. It was formed in 1706, following the volcanic eruption of the Black Sands.

It’s a series of natural pools perfectly integrated into the environment. When going for a dip you’ll feel truly in touch with nature.

Although it’s kid-friendly, when the sea is rough we recommend putting off going for a dip for another day. As always, check the flag colour so you know what the water is like. It’s located in Garachico and is a must-visit beach in Tenerife North.

Playa de mesa del mar en tenerife norte

Playa de Mesa del Mar - Mesa del Mar Beach

This 350-metre long and 30-wide beach is also known as La Arena. It has a mixture of dark sand with conventional sand and is easy to get to by car, on foot and even by intercity bus.

It has restaurant services, showers and a winding path that takes in relaxing areas and areas where you can watch the waves crash into the rocks. Being there would make you think you’re in an exotic country or even on an uninhabited planet somewhere else in the Universe.

playa socorro tenerife norte

Playa del Socorro - Socorro Beach

This 230-metre long beach in Tenerife North is in the town of Los Realejos. It’s one of the island’s 12 accessible beaches, making it wheelchair-friendly.

It’s a Blue Flag-certified beach, an indicator that ensures that the beach complies with water quality, environmental management, safety and essential services. It’s not overcrowded and, if you’d like to try your hand at surfing, it’s the perfect place for some lessons. And while you’re at it, why not watch a film there at night.

Playa de San Roque tenerife norte

Playa de San Roque - San Roque Beach

One of the most highly-recommend beaches in Tenerife North is Roque de las Bodegas. Located between Almáciga and Taganana, it’s popular with families on holiday in the area.

The sea is much calmer, with less choppy waves, perfect for the little ones. This is also a black sand beach. It has a pier and a number of restaurants nearby.

Other beaches worth mentioning in Tenerife North

To be quite honest, the list of beaches in Tenerife North is endless. The coming together of the Atlantic Ocean with the cliffs and the most awe-inspiring landscapes awaits you on the following beaches:

  • Benijo. One of the region’s wildest and most unique.
  • De Castro. If you’re looking for charm and an experience like no other, jot it down on your list.
  • El Bolullo. The bright dark blue of its choppy waters contrasts with the deep black of its rock formations.
  • Almáciga. Is surfing your thing? Its shifting currents in the middle of the ocean will blow you away.

When are you coming to check out the beaches in Tenerife North?

So, to sum up: if you’re looking for a different kind of beach, Tenerife North won’t let you down. Disconnect, unwind and chill out on these beaches in Tenerife North with beauty that’s hard to find anywhere else. Book your stay now at San Diego Apartamentos for a holiday you’ll never forget. Have a great trip!